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LoV Christian International School


Lily of the Valley Christian International School is an English school in Toda City, Saitama.
The school supports working parents with a satisfactory student/childcare setting and affordable fees.
As a Christian school, we have regular Praise, Worship, and Prayer time everyday.
Staff members are English speakers which allows the students to learn and communicate in English naturally.
LoV is open to all nationalities and cultures.

  • [ Educational Guidelines ]

    "Nurture love"
    "Education that builds character"

    The foundation of the school's teaching and learning and life experiences summarized in the school’s Bible verse.

    "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

    Proverbs 22: 6

  • [ VISION ]

    Lily of the Valley Christian International School is devoted to teaching and telling the students of God's truth and grace and that they are human beings created in God's image.
    LoV is committed to academic excellence that is relevant to the society and the world by using a well-tested and rich curriculum.
    LoV aims to help the students develop their God-given potential and abilities;
    to apply the Word of God in their lives, and to serve their country and the world at large.

  • [ Goal ]

    Let the children know that they are made by God and are important to God and the world.
    Also, to let them know that they are individually special and unique.

    To give quality English education to every child.
    To teach them to value their natural abilities and talents and to excel in them.
    To make the children have a heart to serve God and others.

[ History ]

Robert Mensah, the school's president, and Paulina Mensah, the school's director, wanted to give every child the opportunity to have an English education, and learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ. With that in mind Lily of the Valley was founded.
Lily of the Valley started its preschool in Honcho, Toda City, and later moved to a larger property in Shimotoda, Toda City.
The current School is located in Sasame, Toda City.
At this new building - in addition to nursery and kindergarten - the school has also established an elementary level and afterschool program.
The school is continuing to grow and expand its scale to provide children with a better education and the Word of God.

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    Former:At shimotoda
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    New school building opened
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    Artificial turf for the yard

We are made in the image of God and loved by Him; therefore, we at Lily of the Valley Christian International School in turn live by the love, grace, and privilege that God has given to us and extend the same in our work and relation towards the students, parents, members of the staff, and everyone who comes to the school.
Come and be a part of this great family!

Paulina Mensah
School Principal

Paulina Mensah School Principal
ACSI logo

Our school is a member of ACSI.

Founded in 1978, ACSI is the world's largest Christian educational accrediting organization. ACSI member schools educate more than 5.5 million students worldwide. ACSI is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with 28 regional offices throughout North America and the world. More than 23,000 schools in over 100 countries are accredited.

ACSI is the leading international organization providing training and resources to schools and educators in a Christian-based curriculum. If you are enrolled in an ACSI-accredited school, it is relatively easy to transfer or enroll in a Japanese school.

Also, if a student has completed 12 years of education at an ACSI-member/accredited school, when applying for Japanese university entrance exams, Japanese high school diploma is exempted.

  • [ Biblical Foundations & Content ]
  • [ Proven Track Record ]
  • [ Achievable Goals ]
  • Learning
  • Cross-subject
  • Age-appropriate

LoV uses the ABEKA Curriculum. Abeka Academy's philosophy of education is based upon the Word of God.
The primary objective and purpose of the institution is to provide a distinctively Christian learning program for students in kindergarten, elementary, and high school to train them in the knowledge of God and impart Christian character development and subject matter in harmony with Scripture.

[ Access ]

Access Points to LoV

  • ●Musashi Urawa Station
    (Musashino Line)
  • ●Warabi Station
    (Keihintohoku Line)
  • ●Nishi Kawaguchi Station
    (Keihintohoku Line)
  • ●Todakoen Station
    (Saikyo Line)
  • ●Narimasu Station
    (Tobu-Tojo Line)
  • ●Nishi Takashimadaira Station
    (Mita Line)