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LoV Christian International School

Use of Donations

Support Our Dream
- Donate for Our New School Building -

Fundraising target amount : 1billion yen

< Planned design of new school building >

Why Donate

Your donation is not just a financial contribution; it's an investment in the future of education.
Here's why your support matters:

  • [ Quality Education ]

    Our new building will provide a state-of-the-art learning environment, ensuring our students have access to the best facilities and resources.

  • [ Expanding Opportunities ]

    With more space and modern amenities, we can offer a wider range of programs, extracurricular activities, and support services to our students.

  • [ Empowering Communities ]

    A better school benefits the entire community.
    Your donation has a ripple effect, enhancing the educational landscape for all.

  • [ Creating a Legacy ]

    Your support will be remembered in the halls of our new building, a testament to your commitment to education and our students.

How You Can Help

We offer various ways to contribute:

  • [ One-time Donation ]

    Make a one-time contribution that aligns with your giving capacity.

  • [ Monthly Donations ]

    Consider a monthly pledge to provide sustained support for our project.

  • [ In-Kind Donations ]

    If you have goods or services to offer that can aid our construction, we welcome in-kind contributions.

Type of donation

  • [ Individual ]

    100,000 yen per unit
    ∗If possible, please donate 2 or more units.

  • [ Corporate ]

    The amount per unit is not specifically determined.
    ∗We also gratefully accept donations from organizations.

Donation transfer:
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Tokiwadai Branch
Branch No : 672
Account Number : 7210173
Account Holder's name :
General Incorporated Association Lily of the Valley Christian International School
イッパンシャダンホウジン リリーオブザバリークリスチャンインターナショナルスクール

Our Commitment

LoV Christian International School is dedicated to transparency and accountability.
We'll keep you updated on the progress of our project and how your donation is making a difference.

Join Us in Building the Future:

By contributing to our project,
you're joining a community of passionate individuals who share our vision of providing top-tier education.
Together, we can create a lasting legacy.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or need more information,
please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.
We're here to assist you.


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