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LoV Christian International School

Why join
Lily of the Valley?

Lily of the Valley (LoV) Christian International School was established as
the first English-speaking school in Toda City.

  • Reason

    Children learn to communicate naturally in English during this very important period of growth.

  • Reason
    and safe

    We offer a safe and fun environment for children and families.

  • Reason
    Watching Individuality and Growth

    We tailor our teaching methods based on the needs and interests of our students.
    Doing this we encourage our students to reach their full potential.

  • Reason
    Education based on
    God's love

    Bible-Based Educational Environment.

  • Reason
    Education for an international society

    We educate students in both English and the social the skills needed for a global world.


enjoy English
  • Nursery

    We provide a safe and fun environment for children learn and grow.
    By being in an English environment, the children will develop their English skills naturally.

  • Kindergarten

    You can choose between two types of daycare hours: nursery and kindergarten type.
    We focus on building a foundation for character development as well as promoting English language learning.

  • Elementary

    We are committed to developing our students for an active role in our global world.
    Our goal is to help our students reach their full potential with our Christ-centered learning.


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Special Programs

After school, on Saturdays,
and during long vacations
We have a special school open to everyone.
Please use this school as
an alternative to English tutoring.

  • After school and Saturday Classes

    We provide childcare support for families, extended day care, and open after school and Saturday school.

  • Vacation

    At all Vacation Schools in spring, summer, and winter, all lessons are conducted in English and open to all.