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LoV Christian International School


  • Elementary school


    After establishing the Preschool, the school envisioned to mold elementary students equipped with the knowledge, wisdom, and skills they need to face real-life situations and challenges.
    LoV has a well-tested, rich curriculum for all subjects.
    There are designated periods for Japanese lessons taught by qualified teachers.
    In academics, the students learn internationally-adopted curriculum for English, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, Japanese, Music, PE, Art and Computer lessons.
    The students are good and effective communicators of both English and Japanese.

    • Elementary school Lunch time
      Lunch time
    • Elementary school Park
    • Elementary school Practice for sportsday
      Practice for sportsday
    • Elementary school Summer camp
      Summer camp
    • Elementary school School trip
      School trip
    • Elementary school Talent festival
      Talent festival
    • Elementary school Strawberry picking
      Strawberry picking
    • Elementary school Field trip
      Field trip
    • Elementary school playground


  • Uniforms For summer
    For summer
  • Uniforms For winter
    For winter
  • ●We accept admissions throughout the year. Please feel free to contact us.
  • ●We accept individual consultations. Please contact us by email form or telephone.
  • ●There is a requirement for the level of English of students.
    We have Japanese-speaking staff. Please feel free to contact us.
  • ●Regarding the entrance examination, we conduct an interview (parents and students) and a simple level check.
  • ●We accept individual consultations regarding allergies.