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LoV Christian International School

Vacation Classes

If you are looking for a meaningful vacation classes for your child,
We would love to have you join us!

  • Spring


  • Summer


  • Winter


  • Spring school

    Spring school Spring school icon

    Spring break is more fun when you spend it with LoV!
    The day begins with praise and worship and a Bible lesson.
    Throughout the day, children will learn about phonics, reading, and writing in English.
    They also learn math in English, arts & crafts, games, and many other fun spring activities!

    Spring School 2024 Schedule

    Week 1: March 25 ~ March 29

    Week 2: April 1 ~ April 5

  • Summer school

    Summer school Summer school icon

    Join us for the summer vacation your children are looking forward to!
    Not only will they learn English, math, and the Bible, but they will also have fun activities such as going to the pool and hanging out!
    Summer vacation is also a fun way to learn and play games!

    Summer School 2024 Schedule

    Week 1: July 29 ~ August 2

    Week 2: August 5 ~ August 9

    Week 3: August 19 ~ August 23

    Week 4: August 26 ~ August 30

  • Winter school

    Winter school Winter school icon

    The winter season is also a time to celebrate Christmas.
    At Winter School, students learn the true meaning of Christmas through English language learning and other exciting activities.

    Winter School 2024 Schedule

    Week 1: December 18 ~ December 27


For Vacation Classes
  • 1 day ¥10,000
  • 5 day ¥50,000
  • 10 day ¥80,000
  • 15 day ¥ 100,000

∗A 10% discount will be applied to LoV students who attend the Vacation Classes.

  • ●Buses are available only at designated pick-up and drop-off times and locations.
  • ●Lunch is not included.
  • ●Please contact the school if you wish to apply or enroll.
  • ●For more detailed schedule, please see the Announcements & News, or contact us.