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Elementary Newsletter - February 2024

FEBRUARY Winter Adventures and Exam Preparation

Hello Parents and Students, We hope you’re all doing well! Here’s a quick update from our school. Our students had an exciting time in science class, where they got hands-on experience with experiments and learned new concepts. With winter here, they also had a blast playing in the snow, building snowman, and enjoying snowball fights. Last February 9, we took a trip to a local strawberry farm, where our students had the opportunity to pick fresh strawberries and enjoyed their lunch in a nice restaurant. As we gear up for the upcoming examinations, our students are studying diligently, with the support of our dedicated teachers. Keep up the great work, everyone! Let’s continue to learn, explore, and grow together.


お元気でお過ごしでしょうか! 最近の様子について、共有したいと思います。理科 の授業では、実際に実験を体験し、新しい概念を学びました。 冬になり、雪遊びをし、雪だるま作り、雪合戦も楽しみました。2月9日は、地元のイチゴ農園に行き、新鮮なイチゴを摘み、農業につい て学びました。間近に迫った試験に向けて、私ども教員の熱心なサ ポートのもと、生徒たちは一生懸命に勉強しています。頑張っていきましょう。これからも共に学び、探求し、成長し ていきましょう。


Last Update 02.29.2024

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