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LoV Summer School 2023

Our Summer School Journey Concluded! 🌞📚
As the sun sets on another incredible summer, we’re thrilled to reflect on the whirlwind of excitement and growth that our Summer School program brought to young hearts and minds. Each week was a unique voyage into imagination, learning, and exploration, leaving lasting memories and valuable lessons in its wake.

Week 1: “I Wonder”
Our first week sparked curiosity, leading students on a journey of discovery. From hands-on experiments to captivating Bible stories and engaging English classes, we fueled wonder and ignited a love for learning that will continue to burn brightly.

Week 2: “Fearless”
With courage as our guide, Week 2 saw students overcoming challenges, building friendships, and stepping out of their comfort zones. Dynamic activities, inspiring stories, and language-rich English classes laid the foundation for confident, fearless individuals.

Week 3: “Wild Life”
Venturing into the wild, our students embraced the beauty of nature and its creatures. Through captivating Bible teachings, English immersion, and interactive wildlife experiences, we fostered a deep appreciation for God’s creations and instilled a sense of stewardship.

Week 4: “Jerusalem Journeys”
Our time travel to ancient Jerusalem proved to be an unforgettable experience. Rich historical insights, Bible explorations, and language-enhancing English lessons enriched our students’ understanding of culture, faith, and communication.

Week 5: “On the Case”
Solving mysteries and puzzles, our young detectives wrapped up the summer with creativity and critical thinking. Engaging activities, thought-provoking Bible discussions, and dynamic English classes strengthened minds and bonds alike.

At LoV Christian International school, we’re immensely proud of the growth, enthusiasm, and camaraderie that defined our Summer School. These weeks were more than just a break – they were a platform for holistic development, where faith, learning, and language came together to shape remarkable young individuals.

As the pages of this summer close, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our students, their families, and our dedicated staff. Together, we’ve created memories that will inspire and uplift for years to come.



第1週 “アイ・ワンダー”

第2週 “大胆不敵”



第5週 “事件解決”



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